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Vue de cordes sur ciel - Illustration du bloc text
Vue de cordes sur ciel - Illustration du bloc text

New EnQuête(s) app coming soon

Between Toulouse and Albi, explore Toscane Occitane with the free EnQuête(s) mobile app. Activate your superpowers and discover our beautiful hilltop towns on the banks of the Tarn through 6 immersive routes using augmented reality.


EnQuête(s), the essential app for your stay in Toscane Occitane

If they say that walls have ears, they also have a lot of stories to tell... What if you had the power to hear or even see through them? Discover all the features of the app and turn your walks into immersive, living tours.

With the app, you have th power to :

  • fly like a bird : aerial views, 360° views, teleportation... you're in for a real treat!
  • see through the walls : for the most curious (and lucky), access to places rarely open to the public.
  • reveal the invisible : discover amazing reconstructions, it's so easy to travel back in time!
  • meet experts : the application includes fascinating testimonials to help you fill up on knowledge.

Available on stores from 27 April

Ecran d'accueil de l'appli Enquêtes sur smartphone
Ecran d'accueil de l'appli Enquêtes sur smartphone

6 routes, 6 emblematic cities

Each has its own history, but each has its own charm. Our 6 cities are revealed through the augmented reality tours available on the Enquête(s) app.

  • Cordes-sur-Ciel, a medieval city high above the clouds, whose fortifications you can cross before wandering through its cobbled streets
  • Gaillac, on the banks of the Tarn, luminous with its pink bricks, stands out as the cradle of the vineyard
  • Puycelsi, an incredible eagle's nest from which to admire the vineyards, forests and hills... what a breathtaking experience!
  • Lisle-sur-Tarn, a beautiful bastide on the water's edge, where you move from half-timbered houses to riverside houses, always with the same gentle touch
  • Castelnau-de-Montmiral, an authentic hilltop village where you can lose yourself before meeting up again in the emblematic arcaded square.
  • Rabastens, a former Mecca of the wine and woad trade, with some superb town houses inherited from this prosperous period. It's a fascinating place to immerse yourself!

Which city is right for you? 

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