Biscuits, Cereals and derivative products, Soft drinks

Vanessa’s farm

Vanessa started farming by taking over her family's land. The framework is "sustainability", "innovation" and "passion". Since 2020, part of the cereals produced are transformed into flour, biscuits, barley coffee...

A sustainable farm:

At almost 40 years old, Vanessa started farming by taking over the land from her father Roland, her uncle Daniel, and her aunt Martine. This attachment to the land has lasted for several generations and is the foundation of Vanessa's values. And she is particularly proud of the men and women who preceded her in this agricultural life.

Today, her 170 ha farm has obtained the Organic Agriculture label, and she shares her passion with her husband Jérôme, also a cereal grower.

The framework is "sustainability", "innovation" and "passion". Trials are carried out every year with old and new varieties and techniques. The rice did not succeed in growing in his plots, but the sweet clover revealed exquisite flavours. All these productions are therefore carried out organically and with respect, working on associations and on advantageous rotations in order to feed the inhabitants of the area as well as his land.

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Types of products

  • Biscuits
  • Cereals and derivative products
  • Soft drinks


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Vanessa’s farm
550 Route du Grès 81170 Frausseilles
06 49 95 55 32

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