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Famille Balaran. Domaine d'Escausses - Château l'Enclos des Roses

Pass Vigneron at the Domaine d’Escausses – Château l’Enclos des Roses

In the intimacy of his family estate, the winemaker awaits you to share his secrets. From the vineyard to the cellar, and all the way to the bottle, he will guide you through all the stages of his know-how and will awaken your five senses.

The Balaran family is a family that vinifies on two Gaillac terroirs, Jean-Marc and Aurélie, a father and daughter, one in Sainte-Croix, the other in Cahuzac- sur-Vère, one at the Domaine d'Escausses, the other at Château L'Enclos des Roses.
The strength of the estate lies in its ability to combine tradition and modernity to obtain wines of character, expressive and aromatic.

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From 01/01 to 31/12
Departure times on Saturday at 2 pm and at 4 pm. except on 02/08/2024, 03/08/2024, 04/08/2024, 21/11/2024, 22/11/2024, 23/11/2024, 24/11/2024, 31/12/2024, January 1st, Feast of the Ascension, May 1st, May 8th, July 14th, August 15th, November 1st, November 11th and December 25th.


One price: 22 € (per couple, family, group of friends up to 6 adults).

On presentation of the VitiPassport: 19,80€.
Includes a visit, a tasting and a bottle of wine.


On presentation of the VitiPassport : -10% (i.e. 19,80€).

Pass Vigneron at the Domaine d’Escausses – Château l’Enclos des Roses
32 route de la Salamandrié 81150 Sainte-Croix
00 33 (0)805 400 828
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