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L'Esparcette Farm
Fruits and derivative products, Plants and derivative products, Vegetables and by-products

L’Esparcette Farm

Come and discover our production in market gardening, medicinal plants, essential oils and floral waters in organic conversion and agroforestry.

Located between Albi, Gaillac and Cordes sur Ciel, the Esparcette farm is a green setting where our products are grown under the trees. You can discover classic or atypical fruits and vegetables, medicinal plants from here or elsewhere, as well as our essential oils and processed products.

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Welcome to the farm Organic Farming (AB) Nature and Progress

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Types of products

  • Fruits and derivative products
  • Plants and derivative products
  • Vegetables and by-products


All year round, daily.

L’Esparcette Farm
1450 route des Estènes 81150 Fayssac
06 82 70 76 16

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