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Fromagerie Le Pic

Fromagerie Le Pic

For forty years, the Fromagerie Le Pic, a family artisanal cheesemonger, has been situated on the edge of Aveyron where unpasteurised goat’s cheese is made and commercialised.

Le Pic is a company located in the Aveyron gorges where a variety of raw milk goat cheeses are produced and sold to creameries, wholesalers, supermarkets and local markets in France and abroad. It is also present on the local markets, on Friday mornings on the Place Gambetta in Carmaux and on Sundays on the Place de la Halle in Saint-Antonin Noble-Val. A cheese vending machine, located in the car park of the Fromagerie Le Pic in Penne, allows cheese lovers to pick up trays of goat cheese 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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Organic Farming (AB) Flavours of the Tarn

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On the markets of St Antonin Noble Val on Sunday morning and Carmaux on Friday morning.

New : AutomaPic shop !
Automatic cheese dispenser - Payment only by credit card
You can, 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, come and get goat's milk cheeses, organic or not (on the car park of the cheese factory) 81140 Penne
Boxes with different cheeses, different maturation.


Free entry.

Fromagerie Le Pic
Le Roudoulié 81140 Penne
05 63 56 33 64

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