Fruits and derivative products, Plants and derivative products, Soft drinks

Celine Coqblin – Gounabou (Bio)

Under Nature et Progrès and AB label, Céline Coqblin proposes a culture of aromatic and medicinal plants for the preparation of simple and mixed herbal teas, jellies and syrups of plants and pestos.

The products are sold in Terra Local, in Gaillac, in the tienda Vergers de Foncoussières in Rabastens, in Brin de Ferme in Saint Sulpice, in the tienda Jardin des Paradis in Cordes and in La Manivelle in Salvagnac.

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Organic Farming (AB) Nature and Progress

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Types of products

  • Fruits and derivative products
  • Plants and derivative products
  • Soft drinks


All year round, daily.
By appointment only.



Celine Coqblin – Gounabou (Bio)
Lieu-dit Cabanes 81140 Saint-Beauzile
05 63 40 80 79 06 76 59 37 95

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