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Les Ruchers du Tigou

We practice family beekeeping in the commune of Giroussens. We produce royal jelly and honey. Our hives are mainly located in the Tarn, but we also transhumance them to the Pyrenees and the Montagne Noire.

Our bees gather a large number of flowers throughout the seasons as well as aphid and metcalfa honeydew. We mainly produce "all-flower honeys" rich in colour and aroma: spring honey and summer honey or "Fleurs du Tarn".
Obviously, from one year to the next, their composition can vary according to the climatic conditions at the time of each flowering.

We also collect propolis and pollen, and produce royal jelly. We are a member of the French Royal Jelly Producers Group (GPGR quality charter).

And finally, in our laboratory, we make mead and honey vinegar from the honey harvested from our hives.

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Honey products


From 01/01 to 31/12, every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday.
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Les Ruchers du Tigou
11 côte du Tigou 81500 Giroussens
06 11 13 50 41

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