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Delpech Damien
Cereals and derivative products

Delpech Damien

Damien is a farmer and baker located in Cestayrols. He grows his cereals organically, then transforms them into flour and natural leavened breads by hand. Everything is sold in short circuits.

Country breads with semi-complete flour and special breads with walnuts, hazelnuts and grapes, multi-seeds, choco-orange and eikorn on the basis of a price of 4.60 €.

Direct sales at the farm on Tuesdays and Fridays from 5pm to 7pm, at the "noctambio" market in Gaillac on Tuesdays from 4pm to 7pm and at the "o saveurs-paysannes" producers' shop in Le Séquestre on Fridays from 3.30pm.

Manual work and stone mill.

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Organic Farming (AB) Nature and Progress

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  • Sales on site
  • Sale on the markets
  • Sale on collective point of sale

Types of products

Cereals and derivative products


Ouverture toute l'année - Fermeture au mois d'août
Vente directe à la ferme le mardi et le vendredi de 17h à 19h

Delpech Damien
814 chemin du Pouget 81150 Cestayrols
05 63 47 04 99

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