Balade en voiture au cœur des vignes de Gaillac
Balade en voiture au cœur des vignes de Gaillac
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Along the gnarled paths that wind their way through Occitan Tuscany, the colour palette seems to be the work of an artist. At any time of the day, the shades of green, yellow and ochre stand out and are only interrupted, here and there, by the white stones of the barns or the bricks of the vineyards.

On every stretch of the Toscane Occitane landscape, one can enjoy the shadows that surround the contours and underline the contrasts under the undulating hillsides, but the most beautiful part is yet to come. In the evening, as the sun sinks lower and lower on the horizon and plunges into its ephemeral sleep, the shadows disappear and the rarefied light turns red. It is here that the sound of cicadas and the heady scents of summer bring a feeling of serenity. One could stay and contemplate the landscape: Cordes above the clouds, Puycelsi on its rocky spur, the fortress of Penne or Gaillac nestling in the heart of its vineyards. It is tempting to stay there for hours, but there are so many things to discover… You will probably have to come back!

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