vignoble de Gaillac à l'automne
vignoble de Gaillac à l'automne

5 facts about the Gaillac vineyards

What does the Gaillac vineyard mean to you? A leap back in time to when it all began, the aromas of a red wine accompanying a wood-fired grill, the sensation of a light breeze in the middle of hypnotic rows of vines, the sound of guitars to liven up a tasting session, a passionate exchange with a winegrower... We focus on five things you should know about the Gaillac vineyards!

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raisin et vignes, les vendanges dans le Tarn
raisin et vignes, les vendanges dans le Tarn

A wine that is not new

…but rather dates from Antiquity, since the Gaillac vines were cultivated very early. However, it was not until the Middle Ages that this cultivation of the vine was developed, by monks in particular. This development was disrupted by the Wars of Religion and phylloxera. Once again, the people of this region were able to bounce back. Today, ambitious young winegrowers are carrying the colours and flavours of these vineyards high.

Discover the Gaillac vineyards

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Dégustation vins de Gaillac, domaine Saint Laurent de Saurs
Dégustation vins de Gaillac, domaine Saint Laurent de Saurs

Gaillac wines come in 3 colours 

The Gaillac vines are rich in colours and flavours. From the robust reds, to the fruity flavours of the whites, via the delicate rosés and sparkling wines... the food and wine pairings will not disappoint any gourmet. The different AOPs that make up the Gaillac wines will help you in your choice. And if you're still unsure, the winemakers will welcome you with open arms to enjoy a tasting. 

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The "Vignobles & Découvertes" label, a guarantee of quality

More than 700 years ago, the rooster symbol was created to distinguish Gaillac wines, probably the oldest wine brand in the world. Now, it's the turn of the "Vignobles & Découvertes" tourist label to showcase the best of French vineyards. In the Gaillac region, look out for this green and white logo on the premises of winegrowers, restaurateurs and activity providers: it is the guarantee of a quality welcome and a successful wine tourism experience.

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Dégustation au Château Lacroux à Cestayrols
Dégustation au Château Lacroux à Cestayrols

The "Pass Vigneron", an epicurean pass

Are you planning a trip to one of the many wine estates with the "Vignobles & Découvertes" label? Most of them are open to visitors. For a personalised visit followed by a delicious tasting in the company of passionate winegrowers, opt for the "Pass Vigneron".

Dégustation de vin au Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac
Dégustation de vin au Domaine de Labarthe Gaillac

After experiencing the cosy atmosphere of the cellars, leave with a free bottle in exchange for your Pass.

Pass vigneron

Aperitif-concerts, do-re-mi-fa-sol-la cheers!  

Proud to promote their wines and the art of living associated with them, the winegrowers of the Gaillac region regularly organise aperitif-concerts. How do these work? Combining the pleasure of a good tasting, a pleasant moment with friends and family, and beautiful encounters. All to music, of course! The winegrowers open the doors of their estate, the musicians manage the playlist, and you toast to a memorable evening...

The Gaillac vines in numbers

> 6,800 hectares
> 300 winegrowing operations
> Approximate 38 million bottles produced
16% of the vineyards is organic

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